Monitoring A Domain

Created on 27 November, 2023Howto • 1,474 views

Monitoring a domain name for Expiration & SSL validity

Domain expiration monitoring is included in all paid plans.

You can change this monitor settings, just as you’d do with SSL expiry and error notifications.

  1. Log in to your GetUptime account.
  2. Click on Domain Names and Create a Domain Name
  3. Name field: Give the Domain check a Name (ex. Check)
  4. Domain Name field: That would be the Domain Name (ex.
  5. Advanced Settings:
    a. Notification:  How far ahead would you like to be notified of changes.
    b. SSL Expiration:  Should we notify you about SSL expiration? 
    c. Project: Is this check a part of a Project.
  6. Don't forget to assign Notification Handlers.

Alerts can be sent through any notification handlers including emails, SMS messages, push notifications, Slack, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and more.

Make sure you have enabled domain and SSL expiry alerts on you alert contact.